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C++ reference
C++98, C++03, C++11, C++14, C++17



Library concepts

Utilities library

Strings library

Containers library

array (C++11)
vector  −   deque
list  −  forward_list (C++11)
set  −  multiset
map  −  multimap
unordered_set (C++11)
unordered_multiset (C++11)
unordered_map (C++11)
unordered_multimap (C++11)
stack  −  queue  −  priority_queue

Algorithms library

Iterators library

Numerics library

Input/output library

Localizations library

Regular expressions library (C++11)

Atomic operations library (C++11)

Thread support library (C++11)

Filesystem library (C++17)

Technical specifications

   Standard library extensions  (library fundamentals TS)
   Standard library extensions v2  (library fundamentals TS v2)

   Parallelism library extensions  (parallelism TS)
   Concurrency library extensions  (concurrency TS)
   Concepts  (concepts TS)
   Ranges  (ranges TS)
   Transactional Memory  (TM TS)

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C reference
C89, C95, C99, C11



Type support

Dynamic memory management

Error handling

Program utilities

Variadic functions

Date and time utilities

Strings library



Input/output support

Localization support

Atomic operations library (C11)

Thread support library (C11)

Technical specifications

   Dynamic memory extensions  (dynamic memory TR)
   Floating-point extensions, Part 1  (FP Ext 1 TS)
   Floating-point extensions, Part 4  (FP Ext 4 TS)

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